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CD Singel Wout van Aert "The Champion"


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Noorderwijk (Herentals)

It was bound to happen: in the run-up to the road cycling world championships, a bunch of cycling fanatics, alias De Koersende Kemphanen, led by Jo Helsen of the well-known café Welkom in Noorderwijk (Herentals) released a single. The song is based on the one that Franky Bodet sang to the tune of 'Mie Katoen' during Rik Van Looy's heyday. The lyrics have been skillfully adapted and Rik's name has been replaced by Wout's. Now to become world champion!

"We dove into the studio together with Jan De Smet, a big Rik Van Looy fan, to record the song," says Heading Rooster No. 1 Jo Helsen. "Jan took care of vocals, lyrics and accordion. The rest of the Koersende Kemphanen are Wouter Berlaen (bass, vocals), Laurens Billiet (drums, philicorda, vocals), Ward Snauwaert (mix, recording), Adriaan Van den Hoof (radio commentator), Thijs Delrue (lyrics), and Dieter Dresselaers and Door Beutels (design)."

"From our chatter, we had 1,500 CDs printed, which we are marketing. On top we had twenty exclusive vinyl records pressed, a real collector's item, which we are selling by auction through Les Amis du Tour de France. We are donating the proceeds to the Vlaamse Wielerschool vzw in Herentals, once founded by Rik Van Looy and Noël Foré."

To be clear, this is a CD single.

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